Thursday, February 27, 2014

WE LOVE | Natural Sins - delicious snacks that make you forget you're eating fruits & vegetables!

Eating healthy does not unnecessary mean eating bland vegetables for every single meal as there are countless cookbooks that offer health conscious meals that taste great. Snacking however, seems to be a different story for us. Whether we've craving sweet or savoury snacks, it  seems to be so easy to pick up that bag of chips and before you know it you're scrounging for crumbs at the bottom of the bag. Natural Sins is definitely the new generation of healthy snacks that won't make you think twice about going for that bag.


 Each bag offers 100% natural baked dried fruit free of ingredients that you won't know how to pronounce. The bags are pretty small and serve as a perfect portion for an afternoon snack or even a late night snack when you just a little something to munch on.

The Beetroot thins was definitely one of our favourites and it tasted exactly as if you were eating actual beets! It had a very strong beet flavour to every slice. The Pineapple was a bit sour but it varied on each slice as these are made from real fruit! Apple slices were tasty as well.


Mango slices were our next favourite from the six that we tried. Being a fan of tropical fruits, I loved the sweetness that each chip had. The Orange thins were by far the most visually appealing. How pretty are the thin slices of oranges?  There were sweet slices and not-so-sweet ones but they we thought they would be a great addition to ice cream or yogurt.  Lastly, the Coconut slices were, you guessed it, just like real coconuts!

The best part of Natural Sins products is how thinly sliced each fruit is. We also loved that you can actually see the fruit in its original form and that isn't been transformed into something that doesn't even look like fruit anymore.

Find out more about Natural Sins here.

- The products mentioned in this post have been sent to us by the company but our opinions are our own -

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