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REVIEW | Kintaro Izakaya - an intimate & cozy yakitori izakaya tucked away on Church Street

Toronto is home to many, many Japanese izakayas, and a lot of them have the loud and lively atmosphere in common - afterall, izakaya is a drinking establishment in Japan.  I do enjoy that atmosphere when going out with friends or having a girls night, but sometimes I prefer a more intimate and cozy environment that allows for conversation over food.  Toronto's Kintaro Izakaya on Church St. that opened in late summer of 2013 was perfect for that.

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When we walked in, we were seated without waiting and noticed many posters & signs that made the place feel like a restaurant in Japan!  Loved all the details.

Not only does Kintaro differentiate itself by specializing in yakitori, the skewered & grilled chicken parts, it also boasts a big dining space with many booths for privacy of their diners.

On their website, they do an awesome job explaining "yakitori"with the graphic below:

Note - I did not take my camera this night and had to use my phone, which had a hard time focusing :( Sorry for the burry photos - I thought about not including it, but I think it's better to include to give you an idea of what each dish looked like.

Below are the dishes we got:
 Char Su (barbecued, marinated pork) - $11.95
I wish we got the dish that comes with rice. It was too salty to eat by itself.

Chicken Karage (Japanese style fried chicken) - $12.00
The fried chicken was tender with a crispy outer layer - perfect!  The accompanying salad on the side was delicious as well, especially the crispy taro chips.

Unagi (eel) - $11.50
 Pretty good - but not work $11.50.

Beef Karubi (short ribs) - $6.40 each
Riceball Bacon (bacon wrapped ricecake) - $5.50 each
Ebimaki Bacon (bacon wrapped shrimp) - $6.90 each
We loved all of these, especially the bacon wrapped rice cake for its chewy texture.  The short ribs were enjoyable as well, you get a lot for the price.

 Enoki Bacon (bacon wrapped enoki mushroom) - $7.50
 One of my favourite kushi's of the night.  You can't go wrong with bacon-wrapped-anything, really!

Tonkotsu Miso (pork-bone soup noodle) - $10.95
The ramen was mediocre. It was a good change from the skewered meats we were having, but I probably wouldn't order this again.

I really enjoyed the quiet & intimate atmosphere here - definitely a good post for date nights!  The service was fast and friendly as well.  I found that overall, the food was good, especially the kushis, but compared to other izakaya & kushi restaurants, non-kushi entrees are slightly higher priced.  Nonetheless it's definitely worth while to check out.

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