Tuesday, January 28, 2014

REVIEW | El Caballito Tequila Bar - after work drinks & late night snack bar #MidnightTaco on King West

I love, love, love tequila & tacos, so when I discovered that there's a new spot in town, I made my way there without hesitation.  The new El Caballito Tequila Bar is located at King and Simcoe, a great location to head to after work!

I arrived there shortly after 6pm.  I almost walked right past it but I happen to see their signature donkey or a piñata sign by the door and walked down the stairs.  It was pretty dark in there except for a few lights and candles.  The owner, when he came by to talk, explained that they're still waiting for the light fixtures to arrive. Phew, there will be light in the future for foorporn pictures ;)

My coat was checked, I was seated promptly and I noticed that the space is quite large.  I almost felt like I was at a bar, more than a restaurant - makes sense as they are a Tequila Bar and caters to crowds from 4pm onwards.

I ordered their D.F. Classic Margarita ($9.50), which came out pretty quickly.  It was refreshing and cool but I just wish there was more of it as I finished it in a few gulps.

FYI - They offer a wide variety of Tequila drinks, wine, sparkling wine, Mexican beer, and Mexican sodas.  The bar sells tequila in 'familia style' aka bottles or shots served in a caballito glass, the traditional long narrow shot glass Mexicans use to drink tequila (get it?).

Click here for their drink menu.

To start, we shared the Fituras Mixtas (house made totopos, plaintains, sweet potato and taro chips) with fresh Guacamole ($7.50).  I Loved the fact that they have sweet potato and taro chips.  Taro chips have been my favourites since I had them at Yuzu Izakaya last year.  It certainly differentiates from other Mexican restaurants in the City.

P.S. Before 6pm, Guacamole is complimentary! 

Next, the tacos with fresh Tortillas made in-house:

Tacos Al Pastor ($4.50) with pork, pineapple, salsa verde and coriander.  Very tasty with the right amount of acid and pork.  This was one of my favourite taco of the night.

Champinones Al Ajillo Taco ($4.25) with mushrooms, arbol chilli, and ajillo sauce. This is supposed to be their "spicy" taco, but it really wasn't spicy.  Nonetheless, it was delicious and my friend finished it in just a few bites. Yum!

Baked Pickerel Taco ($5.50) with macha marinade, salsa cruda, crispy leeks and red cabbage.  This was my favourite of the night as the marinade and the cruda was perfection together. The crispy leek and cabbage provided great texture to the tender pickerel and soft tortilla as well.

Side note, we ordered one, but the server misunderstood and brought us two.  No problem, but the fish kind of looked clear on one taco.. undercooked?

Lastly, the Flank Steak Taco ($4.75) with bell pepper, roasted onions, salsa verde asada, and cow's milk cheese was enough to get us stuffed.  I would say the flank steak taco was a bit of a let down as I expected something as delicious as the Taco As Pastor or the Baked Pickerel.  It just needs something to make it amazing.

Overall, I enjoyed the food and the service at El Caballito and definitely will be back after a few weeks when they settle in.  With it only being opened the last 5 nights, they're not quite perfected with little details left to be finished, but I'm sure they will be soon!  The financial district is lucky to have the new spot for after work drinks or after bar midnight tacos (#MidnightTaco)!

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