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REVIEW | Ding Tai Fung - Worth travelling to Markham for authentic Shanghai cuisine

When we crave food, we`ll travel far to satisfy our cravings and Shanghai food is no exception. Ding Tai Fung serves authentic Shanghai cuisine and we are willing to drive 45 minutes from Mississauga to get it! 

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On a typical weekend, you can except a long wait during lunch time and except to drive around aimlessly looking for a parking spot. You might want to split up and wait in line while trying to find a spot so you can enjoy the food sooner! 

Xiao Long Bao 小籠包 is a must order when you are there. There are plain ones or crab but we just ordered the plain ones. At first sight they just look like normal dumplings but these pork dumplings are filled with soup. Word of caution though, be careful when you are biting into them as they are very hot and the soup will come out! Make sure you eat these hot as they don`t taste as good when they cool down. 

The Green Onion Pancake is a great appetizer and it`s usually pan fried so it`s not too oily. These pancakes are full of green onion and have the right amount of salt in them. They are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside with the green onion. 

The Shanghai pork buns are quite filling and a lot of Shanghai dishes are carb heavy. Each person will probably only manage to eat one or two so this is definitely a dish for sharing with others. The meat inside the dumpling is the same as the dumplings. However, this bun is different as it`s pan fried so the bottom is crispy and the bun soaks in the juice and becomes very soft on the inside! It`s worth trying as the texture is coming different from the dumplings. 

The Stewed Beef Pancake Wrap is completely different from the green onion pancake. The stewed beef is wrapped in the pancake and the juice from the beef seeps into the pancake. The texture of the pancake is on the dry side so the juice from the meat really complements the pancake well. 

If you have never tried Shanghai cuisine, Ding Tai Fung  is definitely the right place to start and worth the drive and the line! Don't confuse this as traditional dim sum because it is completely different! 

The menu items are a bit on the pricey side so even with a few dishes, each person may end up spending around $15-20 dollars for lunch.  

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