Sunday, December 29, 2013

EVENT | The Social CTV - our visit to the set of Toronto's talk show, The Social

Is everyone familiar with Toronto's new Talk series called The Social?  Co-hosted by four beautiful & funny ladies, Melissa Grelo, Cynthia Loyst, Lainey Lui and Traci Melchor, it's a casual girl-talk session on TV about news, pop culture and lifestyle.  We had a chance to attend a live show as audience on December 18th!

We were excited as this was our first time attending a show of any kind and because of the fact that previous shows has been so funny and relatable, we couldn't wait to see the hosts in person.

What we especially love about this show is how they're so interactive with their audience via social media channels such as facebook, twitter (@thesocialCTV) and instagram (@thesocialCTV).  They have a section in the show where the hosts read live tweets!

PS. You can attend as audience for one of their live shows as well in the CTV studios on Queen Street.  CLICK HERE to apply for tickets.

Before we went live, Chloe, the audience coordinator told us a few rules about being an audience:
- no chewing gum
- laugh as much as we want
- big actions are always good for the camera

It was very interesting to see how much work and organization goes into a 20-25 minute show.  As much as I hate commercial breaks, I learned that they're pretty necessary to change up the set.

The hosts were ever funnier in person, especially Traci! 

After the show was over, we had some fun in the beautifully decorated Holiday-themed set...

Thanks for having us, we had a blast!!

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