Wednesday, December 11, 2013

REVIEW | Sizzlo'z Flame Grilled Chicken - grilled, not fried for a healthy, flavourful & delicious meal

It's always so exciting to have new restaurants open in Mississauga that aren't large chain stores so we were super excited to try out Sizzlo'z. From the outside it looks like a fairly large restaurant.

The inside of the restaurant is very spacious. Sizzlo'z is a hybrid between a restaurant and a fast food joint. With an abundance of seats, you won't have to worry about having wait to find a table. Why is Sizzlo'z a hyrbid? You have to find your own seat and then walk up to the counter to order the food. The waiters/waitresses will bring the food to your table once it's ready.

Situated mainly in an industrial area, Sizzlo'z has understood the need for efficiency. Having said that, they have managed to prepare delicious hot foods in just under 10 minutes! Perfect for a work lunch without having to stress about making it back to the office on time! 

We absolutely loved that you can customize the spiciness of the chicken with either lemon, mild, BBQ garlic, hot and sizzling hot! 

Upon recommendation, we ordered the Chicken Sandwich. We decided to choose the "hot" sauce to see just how spicy it was! 

The Double Kebab Set came with two chicken kebabs in mild and BBQ garlic with a side of coleslaw. The BBQ garlic was definitely one of our favourite sauces as it was very tasty with a slight hint of sweetness. The mild kebab was not as flavourful as the BBQ garlic but definitely a good choice for someone who wants to keep it simple. The chicken was cooked well and quite moist. 

Another great feature of Sizzlo'z is the customization of your meal. You choose what the main is and what sides you want. The Half Chicken came with flame grilled veggies. You can order dish but share with two people as you can choose how spicy each quarter of the chicken is. We decided to get BBQ garlic and sizzling hot. The half chicken was a bit dry compared to the kebabs. The grilled veggies were a great side and reminded us of being at a summer barbeque! 

The Greek salad was your usual salad with the lettuce, onions, feta, olives, tomato and dressing. It was great to have a salad to go with the chicken.

If your meal isn't spicy enough, feel free to fab on their hot sauce.  Or, go for the garlic if you have low tolerance for spiciness.

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch here at Sizzlo'z.  With a lot of parking space and seatings available, it looks like a great spot to come for a weekend lunch or work lunch if you're in the area.  Sizzlo'z offers a great healthy alternative to chicken at other places that are deep fried.  Not to mention, their service is so friendly and efficient, so you'll be leaving full and happy!

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  1. Nice writeup & pictures. I just wished more restaurants used chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts. Restaurants usually cover the chicken breasts with some sort of gravy or sauce, or they have a side of fries, so I don't see the point of worrying about the little extra bit of fat in the thighs. Lots more flavour in the thighs.

  2. Thank you! We know what you mean, we love thighs too. Monica actually made dinner last night with chicken thighs haha

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