Monday, December 16, 2013

REVIEW | Schwart'z - infamous Montreal smoked meat #FSinMontreal

If lines outside a restaurant is any indication that it's a "must visit," Schwartz's definitely does not fall short. We're sure regardless of what time you pay a visit, you'll probably have to endure waiting outside for a bit! Thankfully, they also have a take out restaurant next to the sit down so if you really are in a rush, you'll still be able to get your smoked meat fix!

The menu is fairly simple and we loved that everything was in French and English! To make it even easier for you, the workers don't even recommend that you get anything other than their smoked meat as the other meats aren't cooked in house!

The restaurant is very casual and don't expect to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee as the restaurant is a bit crowded to ensure that they can efficiently accommodate everyone.  Don't forget to take a visit down Schwarts'z history with all the photos on the wall!

And here is the famous Smoked Meat Sandwich. It was definitely worth the wait! A very generous amount of smoked meat sandwiched in between two pieces of rye bread with a light touch of yellow mustard. You definitely won't even need anything else on the sandwich as the smoked meat itself was already so flavourful! The mustard was a great addition and gave the sandwich a kick without overwhelming the meat. 

We were both very pleased with the fries, especially as we prefer softer fries to crispy fries.  If you prefer your fries to be crispy, you'll probably want to skip on an order of fries. Although the fries itself were average, it was great to have a side with the sandwich.

The best side to go with Smoked Meat? Their sour pickles.  Slice them up to take bite after bite from their amazing pickles.  Monica said they're probably the best she's ever had.

If you are ever in Montreal, we highly recommend you making a pit stop at Schwartz's to pick up a smoked meat sandwich or some packed smoked meat to take home as a souvenir! The recipient will not be disappointed! 

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