Monday, December 23, 2013

OPENING | Fonda Lola - offering family style #MexicanFiesta with unique Tequila cocktails

Fonda Lola is a new Cantina in the Queen Street West neighbourhood and I am so jealous of anyone living in that area!  The owners, Ernesto Rodriguez, Howard Dubrowsky and Andrés Márquez created a rustic and warm environment, offering tequila-based cocktails and delicious Mexican dishes that you won't find anywhere else in Toronto.  Fonda Lola is definitely not "just another Mexican restaurant" and here's why...

At first glance, Fonda Lola exudes a home-y and rustic feel and that's what they're going for - the authentic Mexican family style decor.  The white/blue plates, imported from Mexico, metal paneling on the walls, hanging bird cages, and hand painted mosaic tiles set a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, making you feel like you're in an eatery in Mexico!

On your visit, look for the special touches in the cantina, such as the tequila library and Mexican Madonna shrine.  Every detail proves to be beautiful without being fancy.

At the bar, Andrés Márquez serves up locally-sourced maple water and kombucha in many of his cocktails.  I was especially intrigued by his Kombucha Margarita as I'm such a fan of the fermented black tea!  I was very impressed by the unique tequila cocktails that I haven't come across before. 

My personal selections from his bar menu:
Kombucha Margarita - kombucha, tequila, smoked horchata
Coco Loco - coconut, teauila, kefir
Picante - melon, tequila, homemade spicy midori

Of course, the food was mouth-watering as well:
Trout Aguachile ($8.00)
A rougher version of a ceviche was very refreshing.

Fingerling Lime aka lime caviar
These little garnishes provide a burst of acidic sweet and sour flavours to your cocktail, which I loved!  Can't get enough of those.

Chef Howard Dubrowsky (L.A.B.) explains his creations.

Hand-held Caesar ($8.00) 
with legume, cesar avocado mousse, candied jalapeño bacon and cheese.

Candied Bacon ($5.00)
The perfect combination of sweet, savoury & spicy in one bite.  What more can I ask for?

Taco Al Pastor ($10) 
Presented in a hot skillet with tortilla shells, cilantro, lime and roasted pineapple.

For a true, authentic Mexican Fiesta, head to Fonda Lola and you will be impressed.  Be sure to try all of Andres' unique Tequila cocktails with the fingerling lime!

Note: Cash Only!!

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- We were invited to this event as media, thus our meal was complimentary but our opinions remain honest -

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