Wednesday, November 13, 2013

OPENING | Touhenboku Ramen - the newest Japanese Ramen restaurant on Queen Street offers chicken broth!

At last, a Japanese ramen restaurant on Queen West, the heart of Toronto's entertainment district.  Opening to the public on Wednesday, November 13th, we got the chance to attend their soft launch and see what makes Touhenboku Ramen special among the other ramen restaurants in the city.

One thing's for sure - they're opening at a great time, just when Toronto is getting chillier!  There's really nothing like a warm and delicious bowl of ramen to escape the Canadian cold, eh?

So, what makes Touhenboku special? They focus on and serve chicken-based broth rather than the popular pork-based broth all the other ramen spots are offering right now in Toronto.  According to Zuimei Okuyama, the owner, this is the new trend in Japan as the collagen from the chicken is beneficial to the skin.  Having heard that, I vow to come here again and again!  

Check out their noodle making machine! How hightech does it look?  The restaurant serves two different types of noodles, thick and thin.  Go with your preference.

There's in a kitchen at the far end of the restaurant and another that is open and visible to the customers so you can take a look at how the ramen is being made!

When ordering your tasty ramen, you have have a few choices to make:

1. Soup - original, black (garlic), red (spicy), or light
2.  Soup Base* - sea salt or soya
3. Noodles - thin or thick
4. Meat - lean pork, rich pork, or chicken chashu

All bowls come with half a boiled egg, seaweed, wood ear mushrooms and green onions.

*light bowl only uses sea salt base

I got the Red Bowl ($10.50) with thin noodles and rich pork, which is the spicy original ramen with chilli.  It wasn't spicy at all for me, but you can taste the aftertaste of the chilli!

Clara got the White Bowl ($10.50) with thin noodles and lean pork.  We both agreed that the chicken broth made the ramen hearty with just enough consistency without being too thick.

For dessert, Clara got the Chiffon Cake ($5.50), a spongey and super soft cake served with fresh whipped cream.  I know it sounds simple, but it tasted extraordinary! 

I went for the Tomo Creampuff ($5.50) , a cripsy choux puff with custard and whipped cream.  Clara preferred her Chiffon Cake to this, but I have to disagree.  This was the perfect dessert for me with the right amount of crispiness, softness and sweetness.  Love, love, love this.

Check our our video on making of Touhenboku Ramen below!

The long awaited grand opening is tomorrow, so make sure you head there to get your Touhenboku Ramen!  It's the perfect meal to keep your warm this winter.  We know we'll be going back soon for sure!

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