Monday, November 04, 2013

EVENT | Delicious Food Show Part 2: Eat Kanga, Hot Bunzz, meNu Food Truck, RISE Kombucha & more

Our gastronomic adventures continued at the Delicious Food Show!  Read Part 1 of our visit if you haven't already.  In this post, you'll see that we made visits to some of our favourite vendors and discovered some new ones as well.

Always heard great things about the meat pies from Australia but I've never had one.  Finally got the chance to when we walked up to the Kanga booth!  Clara was already familiar with them and of Australian meat pies from her trip there few years ago.  After having a bite of it, I'm sure to get a craving soon.  They told us they're sold at Hot Oven Bakery, which is right in my neighbourhood - SCORE!

Of course we had to get our hands on Hot Bunzz!  We've been such big fans ever since the Tum Alum event last month.  The Harvest Collection they featured was stuffed by no other than Abbey's Kitchen!  I tried the Turkey Dinner and it was amazing!

Next Stop? Me.n.u Toronto!  Unfortunately the secret menu, Gangname Style was sold out, but the rice balls we had were super tasty as well.  We expect nothing less from these guys - they know their rice balls!

We got the Pokeball & Shrimp Wonton - both so delicious!

When I saw RISE Kombucha on the exhibitor's list, I had to run for it!  I've had kombucha before but didn't really know what it was.  It's essentially a fermented drink of sweetened black tea.  It's a sparkling drink because it's been fermented.  One word - obssessed!

Not only does it taste good, it's good for you as well!  Health benefits include:
  • Detoxification for a healthy liver & body cleanse
  • Improved digestion because this is a probiotic beverage
  • Boost in immune system & energy level with high levels of anti-oxidants
  • Improves joint function with its high levels of glucosamines

I'm a big coffee drinker, but not a coffee-snob, meaning  I enjoy good coffee but don't insist on it.  I went to Hale Coffee for a cup of their french-pressed brew and immediately impressed by the freshness of it!  If you're a coffee-lover, you definitely need to get a taste!

Now, for some delectable desserts that were at the show:

The Petit & Sweet booth was one of the prettiest at the show.  The presentation was extremely sweet - just like the sweets they sell.  Almost too pretty to eat!

Jack & Lil's - Attractive booth with meringue's like we've never seen before!

Smash Cake was offering their signature cupcakes and an Irish Cream Cheesecake Sandwich!

Last, but not the least, Tea Emporium.  The stick of Doughnuts and Naked Waffles look very appetizing!

We had a blast spending our Saturday afternoon at the Delicious Food Show and can't wait for the event next year!  What was your favourite booth at the show?  Let us know!

- We were invited to this event as media, thus tickets were complimentary but our opinions remain honest -


  1. amazing photos and blog post girls! Love the style of your blog and thanks for coming by! Hopefully I can job shadow you two one day and see the life of a food blogger!

    - Allen (@menufoodtruck)

  2. Hi Allen! Thx so much for coming by & taking your time to read the post! You guys are awesome :)

  3. We went to the Delicious Food Show, too! The food we tried was definitely one let us down. I was also really impressed with all the people I talked to who were so passionate about the food they were creating. I agree that the folks from Me.N.U, Hale Coffee, and Smashcake are all so awesome and inspiring!

    We wrote about our experience here:

  4. Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a great time there too!