Friday, November 01, 2013

EVENT | Delicious Food Show Part 1: Rock Lobster, Samuel Adams, Oyster Boy, Patria, Liko's Hawaiian BBQ & more

The Delicious Food Show 2013 is an annual culinary event that you don't want to miss, especially if you love food. It showcases unique eateries as well as vendors and products that you may not even know existed. On top of all the foodie goodness, are celebrity chefs and personalities such as Mark McEwan and Martha Stewart to name a few!

The event this year ran from October 25 to October 27 and we were able to pop by for a visit on the 26th! As soon as we walked in, it was food heaven, with attractive stands and food trucks covering the majority of the event space.

Various presentation stages were located around the outer edges of the event space, fully equipped with kitchen gadgets for chef presentations and events.

The Rock Lobster and Samuel Adams booth was right by the entrance and who can say no to lobster? They were serving up lobster rolls, lobster tacos and lobster boil with shrimp. The most appealing attribute of this booth was that it offered both food and drinks. Rock Lobster and Samuel Adams have collaborated for other events and at the Food Show, they were offering beer pairing recommendations for each dish. That was perfect for us because we didn’t want to have to think about what to drink with our food!

The booth itself looked very well put together with rustic feel.  They had muskoka chairs that made us feel like we were enjoying food & having a beer at the cottage. It was definitely one of the most impressionable of all the booths we visited.

Delicious lobster roll - love that the lobster chunks were big!

Lobster Taco

Just hanging out at the Samuel Adams booth.

So convenient to have Samuel Adams on one side and Rock Lobster on the other!

We headed to the GE Monogram Kitchen to watch Rock Lobster's Matt Dean Pettit give us a demonstration on how to make Lobster Deviled Eggs.  We didn't want to miss this as we're such big fans of Rock Lobster (read our review here)!

We learned about the proper way of boiling eggs and about lobster!  He also gave the audience some Sam Adam Beer (yay).  At the end, the eggs were too soft to be served, but he improvised and served the lobster & egg mixture on chips - which was still delicious!

To continue on the seafood trend (for Monica), we headed over to Oyster Boy for some fresh oysters. Monica LOVED them as they were super fresh and fairly large compared to some of the oysters at other restaurants she’s been to. She loved them so much we made another visit there before leaving for the night!

Working hard to get Monica her New Brunswick oysters!

Happy customer!

Only after looking back at the photos did we realize how much seafood we had but you can’t have Paella without Seafood! The Paella from Patria was super moist and full of flavour and the shrimps and mussels were very fresh!

Kahula Pork Bun from Liko’s Hawaiian BBQ was really tasty although there was an initial shock from the cold pineapple. Its texture resembled pulled pork but the pineapple really gave it a twist!

It was a bit messy to eat but worth it!

Here's a few pics from the other vendors that were there!

What a cute coffee trailer!

Can't wait to try next time!

Kung Fu Tacos!

Stay tuned to see what else we stuffed our faces with at The Delicious Food Show! Part 2 of our post is coming soon.

- We were invited to this event as media, thus our tickets were complimentary but our opinions remain honest -

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