Monday, November 11, 2013

REVIEW | BnC Bakery & Cake House - tasty Korean bread, pastries, bubble tea and cake, the list goes on

There's a lot of dessert places in Toronto, but have you tried Korean ones? BnC Bakery & Cake House is one of the few Korean bread retailer & supplier in the Korean community in Toronto and surrounding areas.  They supply their baked goods to Korean grocery stores and shops as well as sell them directly in their 3 'Cake House' locations in Toronto.

This location is the one I visit the most often to pick up some of my favourites.  I go at least once every two weeks but sometimes even every week.  Korean bread & buns are something everyone I know enjoys and i love that they're packaged separately for convenience.

This location has a variety of offerings to customers whether you're dropping by to grab a few baked treats or staying in and enjoying some dessert and tea.

You can see empty baskets of their popular breads and buns.

I suggest you try the red bean bun, green bean bun, pizza bun, strawberry butter cream bun, ham & onion bread, and if your'e lucky you'll get to try green tea loaf of bread.  It's a whole new world of baked goods.

Their cakes look delicious and too pretty to eat.  My favourites from here are the green tea and sweet potato cake.  I know that sounds weird, but it's actually quite delicious.

Lots of packaged baked treats that is sure to satisfy any sweet cravings.  The great thing about korean bake houses is that you'll find such creative flavours here!  Garlic Bread (pretty standard), cheesecake buns, apple twists, chestnut buns (my fave) and more.

On this particular day, I got 2 of chestnut so-bo-ro bun and original so-bo-ro. You can taste the freshness of the buns there as they're soft and fluffy.    

I usually drop by and pick up some of my favourite buns and breads, but on those occasions that I stop by with my friends, we sit down and enjoy some desserts they offer.

Below is called a Pat-Bing-Soo.  It's ice shavings with milk, various fruits and red bean.  It's delicious and cooling on a hot summer day.  I can eat this for days... If you haven't tried this, it's one of the best Korean desserts so I highly recommend you try this here!

Below is a tasty Waffle with fruit, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.   Such a good dessert to have after a meal or just with tea or coffee.  It's not too sweet and the waffle is cooked to perfection.

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