Wednesday, October 30, 2013

EVENT | Summer Fresh - healthy, delicious & ready made food that doesn't sacrifice freshness

If you want something to be fresh, make it at home right? That’s always been our philosophy until we had the opportunity to spend a day at the Summer Fresh headquarters in Vaughn, Ontario. 

It’s no surprise that when you see packaged goods at the supermarket, thoughts start running through your mind such as “I wonder how long this has been on the shelf for”, “the ingredients can’t be fresh if it’s mass produced and packaged.” Summer Fresh really does take fresh to a new level.

The initial vibe of the office was very welcoming and family run business atmosphere is incorporated into every aspect of the company. 

We were first introduced with a quick overview of the company by founder and president Ms. Susan Niczowski and how it’s grown. What started off as three recipes has grown into a wide variety of hummus, fresh salads and even desserts… all in that unmistakeable bright green container.

Many supermarkets such as Metro, Wal Mart, Sobeys carry their products but if you have something specific you can’t find, check out the store located in their office for a wider variety.

What a wide variety of hummus and dips in their store.

Don't they look so fresh and delicious?
It wasn’t the office or the store that impressed us the most. It was a tour of the manufacturing plant that we got. When we walked into the produce room, it instantly smelled of fresh vegetables. We never would have thought that so many fresh ingredients went into making a container of Summer Fresh products. Some of the vegetables were even chopped by hand! It was nice to see people making the food we eat and not machines. The pasta was also cooked on site. It was like a glorified version of our kitchens at home and obviously equipped to make more than 4 servings at a time!
Check out a few of the easy recipes we got to sample using Summer Fresh products!

The kitchen inside the office - So envious of such a beautiful kitchen.  Why can't we have these in everyone's work?

All fresh ingredients as decorations - what a colourful spread!

Fresh vegetables in shot glasses with kale dip.

Cheesy Bloom'n Bread - such an easy bread hack, not to mention it was delicious! 

Amazing mousse desserts - good thing are they are the perfect portion or else we wouldn't know when to stop!

Mixed nuts roasted in a sweet potato hummus.

Little appetizers made, demonstration by their in-house chef Neil, using the new Summer Fresh Butter Chicken Sauce!  Check out all of their available sauces & easy recipes HERE.

I can't wait to try making some of these appetizers for a baby shower that's coming up. Some of these can be made in 3 steps and they look so elegant! Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

- We were invited to this event as media, thus meal & products were complimentary but our opinions remain honest -

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