Monday, October 21, 2013

REVIEW | STACK Smokehouse - a smmmoked experience like no other in Uptown Toronto

If we could physically relocate the Yonge & Lawrence area to the West end, we would! There are so many unique restaurants and boutiques in that area that we love, and Stack is no exception! 

The store front really stood out and it was a short walk from the Lawrence TTC station at the Ranleigh Ave. exit. We made reservations using Dine N' Dash, a new service that makes your dining experience a bit more enjoyable and stress free. 

Dine N' Dash is essentially a tool you can use to make reservations and pre-order your food. This is especially useful for business lunches that are tight on time or dining with a big group, where you know it`ll take forever for a table of 6 to decide what they want to order. 

One person makes the reservation and gives the rest of the party a booking id so everyone can go online, look at the menu and decide what they want. If you`re like us, you`ll most likely already be checking out the menu hours or days before you head to a restaurant so why not order online and know that your food will start cooking as soon as you step into the restaurant?

As soon as we walked into the restaurant we were impressed with the overall decor! The place was modern but still had a rustic diner feel to it where you could sense that you would be served delicious comfort food. 

The tap was so original and really stood out for us.  How awesome are the different nozzle heads? If you are into beer, be sure to ask about the different kinds of beer they have on tap.

Our visit to Stack was for a weekend lunch and we were fully ready to get the day going with a big meal that consisted of a few of their signature dishes! 

We started off with the Stack Roasted Red Pepper & 3 Cheese Dip ($12). The dip was very cheesy and resembled a hummus texture that was full of flavour that paired really well with the crispy Tortilla chips. Extra points for the presentation of the plate with all the different coloured tortilla chips! 

We had recommendations from co workers and friends to try the Stack Smmmoked Meat ($10) . All their meats are smoked in house so you can be sure that you are getting fresh food. 

The smoked meat is sliced and served on hot rye bread with a bit of mustard and kosher dill. I'm not a personal fan of mustard so it's hard to enjoy a good smoked sandwich but the presence of mustard was so faint in this sandwich but enough to bring out the flavour of the smoked meat. We both really enjoyed this!

Another one of their feature items is the Smmmoked Ribs ($18), which is also smoked in house. The plate includes a half rack of ribs that could easily be shared between two people! The meat was very tender and just fell off the bone. The ribs had a spicy kick to it that was faint in the beginning but grew as you continued eating the ribs. The homemade baked beans, fries and coleslaw were great complements to the ribs as well.

Silence is the only way to describe our experience eating the S'mores stack doughnuts ($7). Neither of us are huge doughnut fans but it may be safe to say we've been converted. 

Each bite of this decadent dessert was a perfect combination of doughnut, mini marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers and whipped cream. If we weren't so full from the appetizers and entrees, we would have gladly finished off the whole dessert!

How can you say no to this dessert? It's a must-try in Toronto!

Check out more pics of the interior of Stack below! 

Absolutely loved the modern chandeliers leading up the second floor of the restaurant! 

The smoker where all the magic happens!

If you're in the Yonge & Lawrence area, definitely stop by for a visit! The service was outstanding an the staff was very attentive to our needs and made sure we had everything we wanted. 

We were there on a Saturday (early afternoon) and it seems to be very family friendly as we saw many groups with young children.  We're sure they'll LOVE the Stack doughnuts.

CLICK HERE for your very own Smmmoked experience!

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