Friday, October 25, 2013

LAUNCH | Lincoln X Sassafraz Event #SavourTheCity - introducing the new Lincoln MKZ, the American car redefined

If you've kept an eye out for cars this past week in Toronto, you may have noticed a few Lincoln MKZ sedans driving around. They are currently doing a campaign for people in the city to test drive the cars and experience a meal in some of Toronto's best restaurants. This night was no exception as the event was held at Yorkville's Sassafraz with a three-course meal carefully prepared by chef Webb.

A few words that are normally associated with American cars are usually ``muscle cars`` or ``elderly`` but at first glance, you can tell the MKZ is very sleek and modernized and the interior is no different. Some of the more impressive features included the sonars that are built in the car to detect vehicles and pedestrians that are too close to your car.  Aesthetically, the panoramic sun roof was the most impressive and it`s definitely the largest sun roof we have seen in any vehicle! 

The back of the car is very sexy as well and even though you can't tell in the picture; the trunk is very spacious. 

After the test drive, we enjoyed a meal at Sassafraz (read about our Winterlicious experience here) with a menu prepared by executive chef Geoffrey Webb. 

Check out photos of our delicious meal below! 

Sweet potato soup with black turtle bean and coriander cress.
It had a light creamy texture and it was definitely a great way to start off the meal! 

Ontario beets salad with walnut crusted chevre croquettes, field lettuce, pickled fennel and a maple tarragon vinaigrette
The walnut crusted croquettes were to die for! Definitely added a much needed creamy texture to the salad.

Pacific Halibut with tomato carpaccio, roman cauliflower, lemon salsify, kohlrabi and double smoked bacon hollandaise. 
The lemon salsify was a bit too sour for my liking.

The P.E.I beef tenderloin with creamed cauliflower, roast parsnips, Tuscan kale and sauce Bordelaise. 
We asked for the tenderloin to be cooked medium rare and it was perfect. The cut of meat was so juicy and succulent, our only regret was that there wasn’t more of it!

Crispy profiteroles with kulfi ice cream and passion fruit coulis. 
This was definitely an interesting take on your average profiteroles which are normally filled with cream. They were like mini ice cream sandwiches. The ice cream was very faint in taste and texture wise sat on the border of ice cream and sorbet.

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and a marshmallow lime pistachio lollipop.
 The lollipop was an interesting addition to the dessert as the texture was different from the cake and ice cream. The chocolate cake was moist without feeling too heavy and full of chocolate flavour.

We definitely recommend ordering a glass of mojitio while you’re there.
 It was the perfect balance of rum, lime juice and soda water and it's become a favourite now! 

- We were invited to this event as media, thus our meal was complimentary but our opinions remain honest -

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