Monday, October 28, 2013

REVIEW | Bamiyan Kabob - a tasty Afghan dining experience in Mississauga

After trying out a bunch of new restaurants downtown through Summerlicious 2013, it’s time to go back to finding hidden gems in Mississauga. Much easier of a commute to eat, that’s for sure.
I’m pretty certain I can count the number of times I’ve tried Afghan food on one hand. I definitely enjoy it but it isn’t usually the first type of cuisine I think of when I want to go out for dinner. My friend suggested Bamiyan Kabob near Dixie and Eglinton.

Unless you know exactly where to go, you’ll probably mix this restaurant because it’s inside of a plaza that has a lot of other shops.

It’s a self- serve restaurant so you go up to order your food, sit down and when they call your order number you can go and pick it up from the counter.  If you’re in a rush, I would definitely prefer eating this way than waiting for a server!
We ordered the Tandoori Kabob dinner which comes with rice, salad and naan and one skewer of the tandoori chicken.  The chicken was very flavourful but the chicken wasn’t as soft and juicy as I would have liked. It was a good pairing with the naan. The texture of Afghan naan is much thicker than the usual naan that I’m accustomed to. It was warm and tasted very fresh.
The green salad was okay, nothing particularly outstanding about it but it’s a good side to have if you find the meat too spicy. The rice was well seasoned as well and cooked to a perfect texture.
We also got Sultan Kabob on the side which includes 1 skewer of Barg Kabob and 1 skewer of Kofta Kabob. This was probably my favourite part of the meal. The meal was so soft and it tasted like steak .I would definitely recommend the Sultani Kabob dinner or go back for more!

The prices and portions were good, the dinners range from $9 - $13 dollars and the portions are very generous. You will definitely be full if not have leftovers to take home!
If you’re looking to eat other than the usual Jack Astors or Milestones in Missisauga, definitely give Bamiyan Kabob a try!

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