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REVIEW | To-Ne Sushi - Toronto's best fusion rolls & fresh sashimi on Queen Street West

There's a lot of sushi restaurants in Toronto that I like but if I had to pick one place for creative & delicious rolls, it would have to be To-Ne Sushi, located right on Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue.  Recently, I was in the area, so I had to pay a visit to settle my sushi roll cravings!

The restaurant itself gets busy during peak hours and always have diners booming.  Their service is pretty efficient so if there isn't a table available when you walk in, no worries as you won't be waiting too long.  I found that a lot of people order take-out as well.

We were seated immediately and placed our lunch order.  They serve you complimentary mini noodle soup to start (this is separate from the Miso Soup you may get with your order).  I personally love this noodle soup with seaweed, thin noodles, green onions and tempura pieces!

Next, we got our Shrimp & Veggie tempura. I've never seen another place present their tempura this way.  Each tempura piece tastes as good as it looks as well!  There are 2 shrimps, mushrooms, zucchini, sweet potato or yam and broccoli. The wide crispy noodle like part you see in the picture are thinly shredded potatoes and it's good to munch on while you wait for your entrees.

It was a super hot day, so we decided to try the roll that's one of their summer specials, called the Hot Summer Roll.  This proved to be a perfect choice as the roll is made with no rice or seaweed, but wrapped in thin cucumber instead.

It was crunchy, cool, spicy, and soft, all at the same time - talk about an explosion of flavours!  The roll is filled with avocado, spicy salmon, tuna, shitake, crab meat and tobiko with their special To-Ne sauce.

We also got a Nigiri Combo of Tuna & Salmon only.  Again, it's visually very good to look at with a mini case of fresh flowers.  The fish pieces are a good size and very fresh.  I can eat these forever!

My ultimate favourite rolls that I get from To-Ne are: Rocky Mountain Roll & Tornado Roll (pictures below from another visit).

Rolls from my friend's birthday - bottom row is the Rocky Mountain Roll

Sorry for the blurry picture - I didn't order this roll when I went to To-Ne this time and I couldn't find a better picture!  The bottom row is the Rocky Mountain Roll, which is seared salmon on a spicy salmon roll, topped with jalapeno, To-Ne special sauce with coconut sprinkles.  It's simply delicious and highly recommended!

Image taken from

Another one of my favourites, their signature Tornado Roll, is made with spicy tuna on tempura shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber with crunch and their special sauce.

To-Ne's unique and tasty rolls may be why this sushi joint is so successful in the midst of so many competitors in the area.  Next time you're looking for a place to try, head to this place and try Monica's two favourite rolls - you'll soon be calling To-Ne your go-to sushi spot!

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