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REVIEW | Terroni Adelaide - fresh pastas made in-house & traditional Italian pizzas

Had an intense craving for Italian one night for dinner so my friend and I decided to try a place we both haven't been to.  Terroni was on my mind for a while now so thought this was the perfect opportunity to finally try and see what all the talk was about!  We went to the Adelaide location  in the financial district, it's easily accessible for anyone. 

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Before even heading into the restaurant, I was impressed by the grand entrance.  It's got so much character - really loved this.

Even though it was a Tuesday night, the place was already bustling with customers - good thing I always make reservations!  The restaurant is dimly lit and has a few dining areas with its own ambiance.

Started with the C't Mang Pizza ($16.95) after reading raving reviews about it and when Cherry (YYZGourmand) strongly recommended that we try it.  This is a white pizza that uses mozzarella & Gorgonzola cheese, topped with fresh pears, walnuts, prosciutto and honey.

First time trying a pizza with such toppings on it and I instantly fell in love with my first bite! The toppings provided such differing flavours and textures that all went well together somehow.  Sweetness from the honey, saltiness from the prosciutto, crunchiness of the walnut, and more.  You need to try this!

For entrees, we shared two pastas.  First was the Spaghetti in Canna a Mare ($17.95) aka seafood spaghetti.  I'm a fan of seafood spaghetti and is what I usually get whenever I go to an Italian place.  In Terroni's version, there's a generous amount of fresh clams, mussels, calamari, scallops, and tiger shrimps in a light tomato sauce.  There was a bit of spiciness to this, which I really liked.  The pasta is made in-house and I could taste the freshness of them. 

The Pappardelle alla Iosa ($17.50) was also delicious.  I especially enjoyed the noodles in this - they were cooked perfectly.  With homemade spicy sausage, button & oyster mushrooms, peas and parmigiano in olive oil, it's a light but with immense flavours of each ingredient they used.

I definitely suggest heading to Terroni Adelaide for some traditional Italian cuisine.  I wouldn't say the service was outstanding but our server was timely and helpful.  I'll definitely be going back for the C't Mang Pizza and other pastas on their menu.

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