Friday, September 06, 2013

REVIEW | Si Andiamo - best pasta joint in Streetsville that you gotta try!

Since we've started blogging, I'm always on the hunt to try new restaurants and stray from the usual big name chain restaurants. For my birthday dinner I decided to try out Si Andiamo, an Italian in Streetsville after recommendations from a friend.

If you aren't purposely looking for this restaurant, chances are you will probably miss it which is exactly what we did. It's on the main street in Streetsville but not in a plaza. From the outside it doesn't look like much but we were excited to try it!

The inside of the restaurant itself is very small and probably only has about 10 tables max. We made reservations just in case it got busy but we went around 8pm so it wasn't too bad. I would imagine a small little family owned restaurant in Italy to have the same feel as Si Andiamo did. You can smell the food from the kitchen wafting into the restaurant.

To start we got a few drinks, they have quite an extensive wine list but not so much for cocktails. I ended up ordering the long island ice tea ($8) which was super tasty. It had the perfect amount of alcohol without overpowering the drink. We also ordered beer ($5) but just keep a note that they don't have anything on tap here.

To start we ordered the Bruschetta ($3.50). You can also order the bruschetta with cheese but we decided not to because we wanted something lighter to start with. The bread was incredibly soft even though it had been toasted. I might have enjoyed this dish a little bit if there was just a little less of the tomatos on the top though.

They have a wide variety of pasta, basically everything you can think of. You can also choose to order gluten free, whole wheat or spelt pasta making accommodations for everyone!

My choice of pasta for the night was the Penne al Pesto ($14). This pasta had roasted chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and roasted pine nuts with a light pesto dressing. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the pasta sauce was very flavourful. It wasn't too oily which can sometimes be an issue with a pesto based sauce.

We also tried the Penne all Vodka ($15). This pasta was made with smoked salmon and chives in a vodka rose sauce. Normally I'm not a fan of all vodka pastas but this one really hit the spot for me! The pasta sauce was very light yet it remained full flavoured.

The pasta portions are generous so by the time we finished the pasta, we didn't have any room for dessert but we'll definitely be back to try it! The service was always amazing, the waitress was very attentive to our needs!

Si Andiamo is definitely a place worth checking out if you're in the Streetsville area!

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