Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LAUNCH | Windsor Arms Hotel Restaurant - Yorkville's newest spot 'The Living Room' provides luxurious comfort

We LOVE going to new places and trying new things so we were both super excited to be invited to the launch of Windsor Arms Hotel's newly renovated restaurant - The Living Room. When we first heard about the chic new space, we were very intrigued because the name certainly doesn't sound like a restaurant.

Its convenient location right in the prestigious Bay and Bloor area make it a great place to stop by for some rest, food and drinks from a busy shopping spree - just like you'd rest in your own 'Living Room.'

When we first walked in, you're greeted by beautiful bar right at the entrance. Whether you're waiting for the rest of your party to show up or you need a beer to destress, you'll find something  from one of their 60 local craft drafts that they offer or from their impressive premium international wine selection (recipient of the Award of Excellence by the Wine Spectator for 5 consecutive years).

We loved the decor of the restaurant inside as it felt very homey and not like a restaurant at all. We later learned that the concept of the restaurant was to have every single space feel like you were in your very own living room. 

From the large windows to the luxurious drapery & carpet, 'The Living Room" provides a comfortable yet glamorous place for hotel guests and general customers. You will see the evident details that designer Jacques Dinel conceptualized with old world charm and British accents in every corner of this space.

To make it even more like being in your home, they've added a computer work station that is also equipped with board games that you can play. We love that a 5 star hotel in Toronto has a restaurant with board games!

They even have a tap where you can pour the beer yourself! It's definitely a fun interaction addition that I haven't seen in many places! 

Now on to the food:

We were able to sample a few of the dishes from their menu, including the Kobe Beef Sliders with sweet pickle and barbeque sauce ($15 for 3). I have a weak spot for Kobe beef so it'll come as no surprise that I loved this burger. The size was perfect and the beef was very tasty. Personally, I would have preferred a thinner bun.  Monica loved the buns as they were soft and cushiony and didn't overwhelm the Kobe beef.

We also got to try the Monk Fish with peanut sauce ($18). This was our favourite dish of the day as the monk fish was very flavourful and soft. One piece wasn't enough!

We also got to try their Smoked Salmon hors d'oeuvres but we didn't see them on the menu =(

For those who are gluten free and vegan, give their Nori Rolls ($12) a try.  An interesting take on your traditional Japanese sushi roll, the Nori Rolls are light yet flavouful without all the carbs from the rice.

They have a section of the restaurant for those who are looking for a finer dining experience. It definitely felt like we were in a separate restaurant because the it was much more refined than their counterpart.

We especially loved the big chair right in the middle of the room!

The Wine Room (photo above) is stored in a "safe" - thought this was very unique and consistent with the 'luxurious comfort' ambiance the British Designer Jacques Dinel of Dinel Designs was going for.

The prices were not too bad considering this restaurant is in a prestigious hotel. We would love to try more of their dishes, so we'll definitely be back for more to enjoy on their outdoor patio.

CLICK HERE to find out more about The Living Room at the Windsor Arms.

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- We were invited to this event as media, thus our meal was complimentary but our opinions remain honest -


  1. Looks like a charming place in the city! Great post.

  2. It really is. Thanks for stopping by :)

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