Friday, August 30, 2013

REVIEW | The Perfect Kitchen - an oldie but a goodie for Chinese food in Mississauga

The Perfect Kitchen has been around in Mississauga for a while now and it always used to be a family favourite but it's been months since we've last gone. Since my last visit, we've heard from family friends and relatives that's not as good as it used to be which is a shame because there aren't a lot of choice in Mississauga. We decided to go and see for ourselves. 

Eating at a chinese restaurant versus a western restaurant is very different. At a Chinese restaurant, you order many dishes and share with everyone at the table. You usually order white rice to go with the assortment of veggies and meats that you'll be ordering. This is a great way to try a variety of dishes without over stuffing on one particular dish.

You can pretty much always expect your meal to start off with some soup. You don't get to choose what soup, they'll just bring you the soup they've made for the day.

We ordered a plate of the Salty Fried Calamari. This is easily one of my favourite dishes as it's crunchy on the outside and still very tender on the inside.

Next we got the Garlic Stir Fried Baby Bok Choy. Veggie dishes are always a staple. This dish was not bad, it wasn't very oily which was good. Chinese veggie dishes are usually pretty light in flavour.

We also ordered the Cold Chicken. I usually prefer my chicken hot so I wasn't a huge fan of this dish but the sides to go with the chicken were good. Mixing the ginger, green onion and oil mix with your rice is so delicious!

One of my favourite dishes growing up as a child was this Braised Pork with Chinese Pickles. The sauce usually makes or breaks the dish and I found the sauce for this dish to be a bit salty. The pork pieces tended to be a bit on the fatty side which deterred me from eating a lot of it.

We ordered the Fish & Tofu Hot Pot.  I normally don't like hot pot dishes but this one was surprisingly good, the fish was very tender and the tofu was cooked well and it was very flavourful.

The reason I went to this restaurant in the past was for this dish! It's a Minced Pork Dish with Squid. It still tastes as good as I remember and I usually end up eating most =) It's still one my top dishes to order there!

Like I said before, there is definitely variety with a Chinese restaurant! Last but not least, we ordered the Lemon Chicken! This isn't that authentic in terms of being a Chinese dish but it tastes good so that's all that matters. The lemon sauce was very tasty and the chicken was fried well, not too oily and overpowering.

Chinese restaurants will also always end your meal with a big bowl of dessert. Don't expect an amazing dessert from a Chinese restaurant but you will usually get either red or green bean soup or the sweet tofu dessert. This dessert was way too sweet for my liking and if you follow us on Instagram you'll know I have a big sweet tooth. I had to water it down with hot water before I could finish the bowl.

Overall the food was still pretty good in my opinion. The only thing that would keep me from coming back here is the owner's attitude and service. The employees are excellent and very attentive but the owner seems like he could care less if you were there or not and he seems to be very rude. 

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