Friday, August 23, 2013

REVIEW | Magnum Toronto - the wait is over for your very own custom #MyMagnum bar

Summer's come and slowly leaving us and I definitely didn't eat as much ice cream or cold foods as I should have given the surprisingly cool summer Toronto has experienced this year. Thankfully the weather has been decent and hot the last couple of days so we headed over to Magnum to make our own treats.

Good things come to those who wait - and you should be prepared to wait.  We ended up waiting around 15 - 20 minutes so it wasn't too bad.

First you choose whether you want a vanilla or chocolate ice cream bar.

Second, you tell the server what toppings you want on it. You can choose as many as you like and it ranges from the usual chopped nuts to toppings like bacon and chili flakes if you`re on the more adventurous side. They put everything into a cocktail shaker so don`t worry about your toppings being unevenly distributed.

Third, you choose what coating you want. You can choose between classic, white chocolate or dark.

Last but not least, you choose your drizzle. Choose between classic, white chocolate or dark.
Don't worry, the entire process only takes 3 - 4 minutes and you'll be that much closer to your original Magnum bar!

The vanilla ice cream bar was $6, not too bad considering I thought they would be around $10!

Our first creation - vanilla ice cream bar coated in white chocolate with strawberries, rice krispies, hazelnuts with a classic chocolate drizzle.

Second creation - vanilla ice cream bar coated in classic chocolate with rice krispies, toffee bits, nerds, chopped macadamia nuts and topped with crumbled french macarons.

After you get your order, pick a seat and enjoy your very own original Magnum bar! If you need a sugar pick me up, head over to Magnum before they leave on August 30!!!


  1. LOVE the Magnum popup! Perfect for a summer indulgence and at 6$ who can say no??

  2. Seriously! We were surprised that it was $6 - pretty reasonably for such a custom and fun ice cream!