Thursday, August 08, 2013

Food Sisterhood Approved: Top 5 Stops for a Quick Bite in Toronto

It seems like everyone's in a rush these days!  What's the hurry? But if you are on the go, there's a lot of places in the city that you can stop by for a quick bite.  We're not talking about McDonalds or Burger King (even though we love those places) but we're talking some tasty quality meals on-the-go.


Read on to see our five favourite eateries for a "quickie", no pun intended.

We chose the following places based on how delicious their offerings are, how fast their staff/service are and whether we can take the food to go.

In no particular order:

1. Bahn Mi Boys

This place was a "love at first bite" for us.  Generously portioned Vietnamese sub sandwiches will not only satisfy your taste buds but also fill you up wherever you may be headed!

Food Sisterhood loves: Galbi Banh Mi, Kimchi Fries, Pork Belly Bao (steamed bun)

2. Messini Authentic Gyros

Who doesn't love shawarmas? Especially the Messini brand?  Your choice of chicken, pork or lamb in a soft & warm lightly toasted pita with thick cut fries and tzatziki sauce is just heaven on earth (in our humble opinion at least).

Food Sisterhood loves: lamb or chicken shawarma

3. Say Cheese

CHEESE!  Grilled cheese sandwiches are everyone's favourite, especially if they've got some gourmet filling other than just cheese in it!  Grilled to perfection with top ingredients like pulled pork, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, guacamole and more, you'll be one happy camper when you get your hands on these.

Food Sisterhood loves: Pulled Pork & Pasta Sandwich, Sweet Swine Sandwich

4. TKRE: The Kathi Roll Express

In a rush but want something exotic? If you're nodding 'yes' The Kathi Roll Express is perfect for you.   They serve Indian Street food that you can have it made to order in minutes.  Whether you want shrimp, chicken, beef or something vegan you'll be in love with these kathi rolls as soon as taste one.  Make sure you can take the spiciness because some of these rolls come  with a kick!

Food Sisterhood loves: Lamb Shish Kabob Roll, Shrimp Masala Thai Style Roll, Chicken Shalik

5. Paramount Fine Foods

This delicious middle eastern eatery is famous for their delicious platters amonst our friends.  You'll be able to enjoy your food within 30 minutes here with their efficient staff and fast service.

They have a long menu with lots of choices so make sure you know what you're getting before you heard there to cut down the time.

Food Sisterhood loves: Falafel Sandwich, Spicy Chicken Manakeesh,  Shish Tawouk, Hummus & Naan

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