Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EVENT | T.O Food Fest Part 4 - Time for some desserts!

Three course meals exist for a reason; you gotta finish off your meal with some dessert! Looking back at the photos, I would say we definitely had our fair share of dessert! 

If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong you’ll quickly realize that people in Hong Kong take their milk tea very seriously! When we read that Marathon Donuts & Coffee were offering milk tea at the event, we had to try it! Harvey Lin won a milk tea competition in Hong Kong! 
We tried both the hot and cold; it was super-hot outside that day so the cold drink was definitely refreshing. The milk tea was very smooth, fragrant and definitely brought back some Hong Kong memories for me! You can enjoy it with your morning breakfast or even afternoon tea!

Next on the list was Smashcake, a bakery that offers cupcakes, cheesecake sandwiches and more! Cupcakes are becoming very popular nowadays but it’s not every day you run into cheesecake sandwiches!
We opted for the Peanut Butter Cheesecake Sandwich. My usual problem with ice cream sandwiches is that they are usually pretty difficult to eat, you press the cookies together and the ice cream squeezes it. 

Cheesecake on its own usually is very rich and very filling so I was skeptical at how this combination would turn out. I was shocked to see how well the cheesecake kept its form in the sandwich despite its soft texture. It was also very light and not overwhelming with enough peanut peanut butter flavour. Definitely two thumbs up! 
Anyone care for a crepe? Who can say no to this classic dessert? When I think of deep fried desserts, CNE automatically pops up in my head for their deep fried delicacies such as deep fried butter, deep fried mars bars... basically deep fried anything that you can think of! Nomnomnom crepes created the Twinkie Crepe.
It is a crepe wrapped around a Twinkie, then deep fried. The crepe was very crispy! It didn’t feel like I was eating a crepe, more like a Twinkie with a crispy shell. It was definitely tasty. They also have savoury crepes so we’ll definitely have to go try those out as well!
So delicious!
Bakin Bits was another bakery that was at the event. They do cupcakes, customized cakes, cookies and so much more! What drew us to their counter were the cakes they had displayed!

Look at this Lego cake! It's perfect for parties .
Too cute, anyone having a baby shower?
We tried their Sugar Cookies, which were super soft and tasted delicious. Bonus points for looking so adorable!
Think thats all? There's more desserts to come.

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