Monday, July 08, 2013

EVENT | T.O Food Fest Part 3 - and the food just keeps on coming...

It was pretty hard to believe we could keep on eating but our stomachs were very accommodating that day. You don't get very many opportunities like this to try so many different kinds of culinary creation!

Kecapi was the next stop, serving Indonesian food.

They were serving Otak Otak, which is a savoury cake wrapped in banana leaf. I'm not a particular fan of banana leaf so we opted with the second option.
Rendang is a dish that originated from Indonesia but has made its way to other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei etc… It’s a spicy meat dish that has a texture similar to a thick curry. 

We tried the Rendang Puff which was essentially rending over a puff pastry. The seasoning on the rendang was good but paired with the puff I think it made it too soggy. I would have preferred the rending with either a naan or even rice.
Next on our hunt was SOPSOP, can you guess what they're serving?

And the winner is the Chicken Rice Dog!  When I first saw it, I thought it was a crunchy rice texture consistency as the bun of a hot dog. The owner explained that it was actually rice that had been placed in a sausage casing and then grilled on the barbeque.

It was definitely a unique concept but I found the rice to be too mushy and lacked a bit of seasoning. I would have preferred the rice to be fried a little bit before putting in the casing. 

We headed over to Baha Tacos next. Fish Tacos have been all the craze lately so I couldn’t give up a chance to try some when they’re right in front of me! We ended up trying the Pulled Pork Taco as well as the Fish Taco

The Pulled Pork Taco had great seasoning and very soft as well.

The sauce on the Fish Taco was not too rich which made the taco taste very fresh and light.  The fish was also battered well and not too thick. 
Last but not least of the finger foods were the Camel Sliders.  Camel…right? Did I really just say that? I decided to be adventurous and try it. It’s the first vendor to sell this exotic cuisine in Toronto. 
It looked like a normal burger and didn’t taste as gamey as I thought it would. The texture was similar to that of beef.  I can now say I’ve tried camel but it’s not likely I would go back for more.
Now that all the salty foods are done, stay tuned for the desserts!

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