Tuesday, July 23, 2013

REVIEW | Rosewater Supper Club - good menu for summerlicious

Rosewater Supper Club is another restaurant by the Liberty Group (Spice Route & Ciao Wine Bar are also under that umbrella).  I've been to the Rosewater for a PR function a year or two ago and I remember the food & service being great so I had to revisit during Summerlicious this year.

To start, I got the Salmon GravlaxIt was served with young asparagus, apple & fennel salad in maple mustard.  I especially enjoyed the salad with the salmon.  It was very light and flavourful. This was a good portion for an appetizer as it enticed my palate for the next dishes to come.

We were served sliced baguette with soft butter before the appetizers.  We were so hungry we nearly finished the bread!

My friend had the Crab Minestrone.  This was very a pretty dish but I'm not a fan of Minestrone soups so i may be biased in my opinion.  Made with summer vegetables, tomato consommé, and black pepper crab sitting atop a piece of bread, my friend said it was mediocre.  If you like light soups, try this.

Now onto the main!  We ended up getting the same thing, the Flatiron Steak.  I was hesitant about the flatiron since it is a flank steak, it might be overcooked like how it was at Globe Bistro.  Pushing my worry aside, our dish was cooked perfectly at medium rare, served with new cellar potato smash, frizzled onions, and balsamic vinegar jus.  I want to go back for more.

As full as we were, we couldn't wait for dessert.  The Key Lime Tart was too beautiful to eat!  Rosewater has really impressed us with presentation.  It was creamy, sweet with the right amount of acidity from the lime & berries.

Second dessert we chose was the House-Spun Trio of Sorbet.  The flavours were peach, strawberry and blueberry. I really enjoyed this because it cooled me down and had the right amount of sweetness to finish off a big meal.

One thing I must say is that since we went on Thursday night, there were crowds by the bar for after work drinks.  They were quite loud that at times, we couldn't really carry on a conversation with each other! But no hard feelings as we were too busy enjoying the wonderful dinner!

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