Monday, July 15, 2013

REVIEW | Summerlicious at Globe Bistro: think global, eat local.

With Summerlicious finally here in Toronto, Clara and I were super excited to try a few restaurants that we haven't been to.  The very first visit was to the Globe Bistro on the Danforth (at Broadview Station) right before you hit Greektown.  Looking at the menu, we went with high expectations.

Location is great, it's just a few steps from Boardview station.  We love the look of this restaurant with sleek and modern deco.  There are three floors in the restaurant with four different dining areas.

First floor - bar & front, formal dining room in the back
Second floor - looked like a private party area
Third floor - rooftop patio (this is where we sat) with bar

We immediately fell in love with the rooftop patio! With it's own bar up there it looked like a great place to go for food and drinks in the summer.  They had an extensive wine list, which I appreciated.  Also, note that that they have 1/2 PRICE WINE BOTTLES on Sundays!

For appetizers, we got the Pork Chorizo and Smoked Char Croquette.

with olive puree, kale, grilled bean & onion salad

This was seasoned really well and the sides complemented the Chorizo nicely.

with Russian salad, frisée and crispy capers

I would  have to say this croquette was a great start to my meal and also was the best thing I had here.  If I had one complaint, it would be that I found the Russian salad on the side to be way too salty for my liking.

Next were the our main dishes.

Clara went for the Smoked Canadian Sturgeon, served with Saffron rice, charred scallions and romesco sauce. The fish was overcooked as it was tough and dry.  One side of the fish was too salty, again.  However, the saffron rice and the romesco sauce was pretty tasty.

I had the Charred Flank Steak - of course I went for the steak, right? This was served with warm bacon, potato & dandelion salad and smoked tomato puree.  I really enjoyed the bacon, potato and dandelion salad - it felt like I was eating spinach. MMM!  I wasn't a big fan of the flank steak, it was too overcooked.

To finish off, we ordered the Lavender White Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate Gelato Slider to share.

The pudding was yummy, although the presentation was disappointing.  If you like pudding and creamy desserts, go for this!

My chocolate gelato slider was served between two chocolate chip cookies and toasted hazelnuts.  Again, the presentation could have been better if not for the hot weather... the gelato was half way melted by the time it came to me.

Overall, we're sad to say that our lunch from the summerlicious menu was not that great.  Maybe we should have gotten other items on the menu as we heard good things about this place before.  However, the awesome atmosphere of the restaurant, friendly staff and that outdoor patio are enough to take me back there to try their regular menu!

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  1. Clara, last week had the best Flank Steak ever!! Rare and very thinly sliced served with home made straw fries, really was very good. Try The Playpen, odd location and looks a little dated from the outside... worth a chance very good value.
    Cheers, Michael

    1. I wish mine came rare! We'll have to try the Playpen sometime. Thanks for stopping by! :)
      - Monica