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REVIEW | Odd Seoul - snack bar with a cool vibe, creative dishes & drinks

Oddseoul has been on my list of snackbars to try since it opened.  As the second restaurant by the Han brothers (Swish by Han), it was getting great reviews and press. I've only heard great things about their first restaurant, so when this late-night-eatery was opened, I was dying to try it.  I finally got my chance to go last Friday after work for some food & drinks.

Located on Ossington Ave. and Queen St. in Little Italy/Portugal neighbourhood, this snackbar's decor showcases some Korean influences of posters.  The first thing you see is the open bar.  There are couple of tables for large groups and a few smaller seating tables to the back.  Although the place isn't huge, they made great use of the space. 

Now, onto the food.  Their menu is simple and is showed on a lit-up banner, which I love!  Everything on the menu has a East-meets-West theme:

Photo from Google (2012)

We started with the very popular O.S. Wings ($5).  This reminded me of Korean spicy fried chicken I used to eat when I was in Korea, so it was a trip down memory lane.  Super saucy and tasty, it's no wonder why this is one of Oddseoul's popular dishes.

For one order you get 3 wings with some pickled carrots and radishes on the side.  We had to get two orders because we enjoyed this so much.  Don't be scared to use your hands for these wings!

Odd Seoul Wings

"The Loosey" (Photo from Jocelyn)

Next, came "The Loosey" ($7), which was pretty much a gourmet Big Mac.  It's a slider made with short rib and ground brisket with tomato, lettuce, cheese, pickles and Kimchi hollandaise sauce.  This was one of my favourites of the night!  Soft, tender meat with an explosion of flavours.

Below is the Spicy Scallion & Avocado Slaw ($5), another dish that we had to get 2 orders of.  Although it's called "slaw" it's not heavy but light with sesame dressing, which I enjoyed.  However, i thought there weren't enough avocado's for it to be called scallion & AVOCADO slaw.   

Spicy Scallion & Avocado Slaw (Photo from Jocelyn)

We also had to try the Squash Poutine ($7).  The deep fried squash were pretty yummy but very filling.  It had mayo, kimchi and a curry-tasting sauce all over it - what a beautiful & tasty mess.

Squash Poutine

I love seafood and anything deep fried, so I couldn't resist ordering the Tempura Prawns ($7).  The prawns were just perfect.  Crispy Tempura on the outside and juicy on the inside.  One order comes with 4 big prawns with spicy mayo dressing.

Tempura Prawns

Last but not definitely not the least, we had to get one of Oddseoul's new Rice Bowls.  These are big bowls of fried rice with various toppings made to share at $20 each.  Upon the server's recommendation, we got the Beef Short Rib with Chimichurri sauce.

With a slew of veggies like mushroom, peppers, carrots, zucchini on top of kimchi fried rice, cilantro and baby lettuce, marinated beef and egg, it reminded me of bibimbap (korean fried rice).  This was very tasty and they were generous with the portion.

New Rice Bowl (Photo from Jocelyn)

Overall, I had a great experience dining at Oddseoul and it's no surprise why everyone only has gret things to say about the place.  As a late-night-eatery, it's more suited for drinks/cocktails with a few sharing plates than a full out dinner.  I can't wait to go back and try their mackerel and pork buns next time!

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