Thursday, July 25, 2013

REVIEW | Crush Wine Bar - a great way to end Summerlicious 2013

My dinner at Crush Wine Bar ends my 2013 Summerlicious adventures.  I think I did pretty well this year given a hectic work schedule and just overall lack of energy after a day at the office. I managed to try 3 different places and I just realized I had fish as a main for all three of them… I guess my appetite for fish dishes is growing. 

A cocktail after work is always a good idea to calm the stress. I ended up choosing the Sangria with lemon balm and raspberries. It was light and the wine had a strong taste but wasn’t overpowering.

For my appetizer I decided to go with the Beef Carpaccio with arugala and parmesan vinaigrette. It was so delicious! The beef was seasoned perfectly and the greens and Parmesan vinaigrette was a great addition.  It was also sliced thinly; it almost melted in my mouth.

My main was the olive oil poached Albacore Tuna. The tuna was paired with mizuna,  edamame and a soy glaze.   I’m a personal fan of sashimi so I’m not terrified of eating raw fish. I thought the tuna was delicious, well poached without being overcooked. It was on the border of being cooked and sashimi, which was perfect. The vegetables were also very good and had a lot of flavour.

My friend ordered the Potato Gnocchi, with roasted peppers, spinach and a cheese boutique goat cheese cream.

Last but not least was the dessert.   I opted for the Chocolate Pudding Cake. When I first saw it on the menu, I thought it would be one dish but it was basically chocolate cake with pudding in the middle. The cake tasted a bit dry but when paired with the chocolate pudding it was okay. There wasn’t enough pudding for me to finish both pieces of the cake. I probably would not order this in the future.

My friend ordered the Coffee Glazed Doughnut. It wasn’t on the original Summerlicious menu online so it was a nice surprise to see it had replaced the assorted cookies.

Overall the food was enjoyable; I would definitely go back for the appetizer and main. The service was a bit slow which I thought could have been prevented especially with an event. The restaurant should be aware of what the bookings are like and have enough people serving. We waited quite some time between each of the courses. The ambience of the restaurant was more laid back and it was an easy place to chat and hang out with your friends.

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