Friday, July 19, 2013

Birthday Potluck! - Bryan's 25th

Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate! Why not reduce the stress of having to plan out food at a birthday and have a potluck! It’s the best of both worlds.  A creative way to jazz up a birthday pot luck is by asking your guests to bring something creative like our friend Bryan did for his 25th birthday. 

Take a look at what people came up with!  Consider this a Food Sisterhood's Guide to Throwing Potlucks:

Every good host knows you need to keep your guests full at a party...

Why not surprise them with a Cupcake Burger that uses cupcakes as the bread and brownie for the patty! It was super delicious, especially with those cookie fries!

Just to keep the desserts rolling, make your own Chocolate Chip Cookiedough Truffles! It's a lot of sweetness in one bite so if you want something a bit more toned down, used dark chocolate for the outer layer!

Just having sweets at a party will not likely keep your guests full so have some salty dishes out as well! Pasta Salads are great and so easy to make different varieties of it!

Don't have a Taco Bell near you? Not a problem! Make your own Crunch Wrap supreme filled with whatever goodies you want! You could turn this into a dessert by adding some sweet fillings as well :)

Bright and colourful Salads are the perfect touch to a summer birthday party!

Spring Rolls anyone? Take a bite and you'll quickly realize this is not your average spring roll! It's a Banana Bacon Spring Roll! These will definitely give your taste buds a jolt.

If you haven't noticed already, desserts are a favourite course. This Monkey Bread is so good I guarantee you'll come back for more! What's not to like about dough, cinnamon, butter and sugar? Nom!

An easy classic and favourite is always a Fruit Tray, again perfect for hot summer days.

Hard to resist Keylime Pie!

Last but not least, surprise your guests with some Watermelon Mint Tequila Popsicles! You can barely taste the alcohol in them and they are super refreshing with the fresh watermelon! Make a virgin popsicle by replacing the alcohol with some sprite!

For more creative potluck ideas, check out these 35 inspiring recipes, awesome sweet and salty combos and other jaw dropping treats!

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