Monday, June 17, 2013

REVIEW | Salad King - inexpensive & tasty Thai cuisine in the Heart of Toronto

This popular restaurant located just North of Yonge/Dundas area offers a variety of delicious Thai dishes at a very affordable price.  It's no wonder why Salad King the go-to place for Ryerson University and other college students.  There's usually a line up but the servers are very efficient and you never wait too long.

The restaurant itself is on the second floor and is quite large.  They make good use of the space with cafetaria-esque tables and chairs, although sitting close to a stranger may not be appealing to some people.

We got a few dishes to share, all of them with 3 chilis:
Khao Soi Noodle Soups  (pictured above)- Egg noodles, chicken, bean sprout, shallot, shrimp, lime in coconut curry soup.  This soup is very hearty and is not too overwhelming with curry and spice.

The Islamic Noodles, which isn't on the normal menu has green pepper, chicken, onions, mushroom, carrots and rice noodles in peanut coconut sauce.  Its super saucy and flavourful - definitely a favourite from this place!  I couldn't get enough of this.

The Shrimp with Cashew came with a side bowl of jasmine rice.  Even though this was 3 chili spiciness, it was too spicy for me.  The combination of cashews and shrimp was very delicious though. If it was less spicy, I would have enjoyed it more.

Thai Street Noodle is perfect for a cold day.  It's hearty and savoury so it'll warm you up fast!  There's an abundance of tomatoes, mushrooms, lime and noodles that will satisfy your taste buds.

Have you had watermelon & peach AriZona iced tea? They're so tasty!

I love that you can adjust the spiciness level to your taste.  I would recommend their Islamic Noodles and other noodle dishes.  I like them more than specialty seafood dishes you get with a side of rice.

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