Monday, June 24, 2013

REVIEW | Olive Garden - a classic restaurant on the other side of the border

I've seen countless commercials for Olive Garden but I've never actually been. One of the reasons is the fact that we don't have any in Toronto so when I went to Buffalo for the day it seemed like a perfect choice for lunch! Luckily there was one close to where we were for the day.

As the front suggests, Olive Garden is an Italian Restaurant and they stay pretty true to that so don't expect anything other than Italian cuisine.

Their menu was a little overwhelming because there was so much to choose from but they happened to have a special for a 3 course dinner for $12.95 that narrowed down the options considerably! It's hard to say no to a $13 dollar 3 course meal haha.

Olive Garden is well known for their unlimited soup, salad and garlic bread sticks! It's basically a buffet if you choose an entree!

I ordered the Strawberry Passion Fruit Limonata. The drink was huge and pretty tasty especially with the fresh strawberries. I didn't drink a lot of it though because after a while it got very sweet! If you do not have a sweet tooth, I would ask the server to see if they can make it less sweet!

I chose the chicken and gnocchi soup, it was very creamy and there was a good amount of chicken and gnocchi. I wouldn't be able to eat more than one bowl of it though because it was a bit too salty. Dipping in the bread in the soup made it a lot better but also fills you up quicker even before you get the entree!

The salad was a good mix of lettuce, onions, peppers, croutons and olives. The dressing was also very tasty, I definitely could of had more salad!

As one of the entrees, we ordered the Parmesan Potato Crusted Chicken. The pasta sauce was good and not too heavy but I didn't find anything special about the chicken, it was a bit overcooked for me.

We also ordered the Shrimp Penne. That was a much better choice than the chicken pasta. The sauce for the penne was very good and the shrimps were cooked well. The only thing that could have made the dish better was if the penne was cooked al dente.

This meal honestly didn't end and food just kept coming! To finish off, we each got to choose a Dolcini which is a mini dessert. One of our options was the Amaretto Tiramisu; I thought the alcohol taste was way too strong for this delicate dessert and it tasted overwhelming.

We also got the Limoncello Mousse. This dessert was definitely better than the Tiramisu and it tasted very flavourful but light at the same time. I definitely could have had a full size version of this dessert!

Overall the restaurant the food was good for the value that we paid. I don`t think that I would crave coming here but if it was close, I would go back. There was a lot of seating and it was very spacious so I definitely enjoyed spending time there. One of the things that I have to mention is that their service was AMAZING. Our server was so attentive and we never had to wave him down for anything, he just knew to keep coming back and checking on us.

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