Thursday, June 20, 2013

REVIEW | Hoof Cafe - Sunday brunches are back for the Black Hoof Family

Tucked away in Little Portugal, The Hoof Cafe is located in Hoof Raw Bar during weekend brunch hours.  The Black Hoof Family: The Black Hoof, Hoof Raw Bar, Hoof Cocktail Bar and now Hoof Cafe are a cluster of restaurants by Jen Agg, that's been gaining more and more popularity.

It's a cozy little place inside with an open kitchen and bar with  capacity to seat around 25 on tables and 6 at the bar.  Right when you walk in, you're faced with friendly smiles, lively chatter and deliciousness.

Their menu is written on a couple of black boards instead of paper menus. Their brunch menu was not your usual eggs, bacon and bread.  Rather, they offer impressive ingredients as a twist to your usual breakfast such as Tongue Benny, Bombay Hash, Heart N Eggs and Fried Sweetbreads N Waffles.  

French Press Coffee? Yes Please.  You can get this in small or large.  Their choice to offer sugar cubes in mason jars had us smiling.  They seem to have great attentino to detail - it went with their overall casual atmosphere very well.

For the mains, I chose the Tongue Benny - shaved cow tongue on two slices milk bread with mustard seeds, hollandaise sauce and two beautifully poached eggs.  I never had cow tongue before and I was worried (I have a weak stomach for weird textured food) but it was really delicious.  It's served with a side of arugula salad with light balsamic dressing and pine seeds.

We also ordered a side of Hash Browns to share. These were some large sized deep-fried goodness, although Clara thought it was a bit too greasy for her liking.  Instead of the ketchup, I dipped these into my saucy hollandaise & eggs from my Tongue Benny dish.

Clara went with Heart N Eggs - she's the brave one of us two, clearly.  She enjoyed this dish very much and the presentation was beautiful.  Two halves of bread slice, scrambled eggs served in bone marrow and thinly sliced beef heart with chimichurri sauce on top.

The scrambled eggs were just cooked perfectly without being too runny or overcooked. If the heart slices are a bit too much for you, trying eating with with a bite of the bread and it definitely tones down the texture of the heart!

For those of you like myself that isn't much of an adventurous eater, this is a place to start! Try your cow tongue and beef heart here (just don't think about it too much) and build your love for exotic eats!

The only negative thing about this place is that it's not that easy to spot on the street.  We walked past it the first time.  The Hoof Cafe is serving lunch on weekends, from 10am - 3pm.

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