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Song Cook's Mississauga - Korean restaurant popular for Blackbean Noodles (Jjajangmyun)

One of our go-to restaurants for Korean food is Song Cook's - the Mississauga branch.  It's kind of hard to find this place as they have 3 different banners (they really need to change that asap) and none of them say "Song Cook's".  They either say Soft Tofu or Black Bean House in Korean.

This post includes dishes from various visits as we visit quite often on a regular basis.

You can say it's a 'hidden gem, in Mississauga, in a plaza on Dundas St, by Dixie Rd. 

All, or most of their dishes we've tried there are very delicious and in good sized portions.
We usually go there for their famous Black Bean Noodles but this time around, we opted for something new: Marinated Bulgogi (Beef) Hotpot for 2, which comes with the full stew cooked at your table with two rice bowls.

 The broth was so flavourful! In addition to the bulgogi, the obvious ingredient, there were glass noodles, bok choy, mushrooms, red peppers, sliced rice cakes and zucchini.  After it's been cooking for a while, we asked for extra broth.

 We also got spicy calamari.  There's pieces of steamed calamari, sliced onion, green onion, carrots, and zucchini in a spicy sauce, served on a sizzling hot plate.  DELICIOUS!

Now, for the dishes we go at OTHER visits to Song Cook's.  

 The above is the individual portion for Mugunji Pork Ribs, which is aged Kimchi stew with pork ribs.  This is also cooked at your table with mushrooms, green onions, sliced rice cakes and various veggies alongside the pork in the spicy stew.  This is delicious in cold weather with some steamed rice.  

 Dishes above include (clockwise): 

Kan Jajang (special black bean noodles).  Instead of their regularblack bean sauce, the noodles come separate with their fresh black beach sauce, which is cooked again with onion and zucchini (this is a good option for vegetarians as regular BB noodles have meat in it)

Marinated Steamed Beef Ribs: Beef short ribs with potato and carrot in a delicious sauce.  This is a perfect side dish to any entree you order.

Seafood Black Bean Noodles: Same as a regular BB, but with seafood - this is a share size.

BB noodles with Sweet & Sour Pork Combo: Perfect for those days where you want a little of everything.  Half portion of regular BB noodles with half portion of tang-soo-yuk (deepfried pork strips in sweet & sour sauce)

Kan Jjajang, Dumpling Ricecake Soup and Spicy Calamari on another visit.

The Dumpling Ricecake Soup is not spicy at all so it's great for diners that can't eat spicy food. There's a generous portion of dumplings in the soup and the broth is very clean and hearty.  We ordered this along with two entrees as we wanted some soup.

We hope these images didn't make you too hungry! Song Cook's in Mississauga is definitely a favourite of ours so maybe we will run into you guys there!

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