Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Kitchen Gadgets We Love: Eggy Fave Five's

As cute as these little EGGY gadgets are, they're also very useful in the kitchen when dealing with eggs.  We've put together our favourite five gadgets from the line:

1. Omelet Ease
How many times have you tried to make the omelet and ended up breaking the egg? We have a plenty of times... That's why we love this 'Omelet Ease' gadget by Eggy.  Add in some veggies, crack in an egg or two, close the top - voila! Your omelet, is served. Perfectly.

2. Eggy Timer
Second on our list is the 'Eggy Timer'. This handy gadget will gives help you boil your egg, just the way you like it! Drop it in the water along with your eggs and it will tell you when the eggs are ready to go!

3. Wedgy Egg Slicer
Who likes boiled eggs in their salad? We do! It can be tough to slice eggs thinly for your salad.  That's when this 'Wedgy Egg Slicer' comes in handy -  open the top, place the egg on the bottom and push the top down.  Ta-Da! Perfectly sliced eggs.

4. Split Egg Separator
For those of you discriminating against egg yolks (or simply just wanted to separate the two), this gadget is for you.  Crack open an egg on this 'Split Egg Separator' and watch the whites fall to the bottom away from the yolk!  It's extra handy as you can attach it to the rim of most bowls.

5. Mini Fry Pan
You don't want to use that big frying pan when making eggs, where the whites can spread all over the pan.  For the perfectly round, Diner-worthy Sunny-Side-Up, use Eggy's 'Mini Fry Pan'.

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