Monday, April 22, 2013

Home Of Hot Taste - get ready to set your tongue on fire!

If you're looking for a Korean Restaurant that can put your mouth on fire, the Home of Hot Taste is  just what you're looking for!  Located in the busy yonge & bloor area, this restaurant specializes in spicy chicken dishes.

Fire Blazing Chicken with Cheese aka ' Cheese Bool Dak' in Korean

The specialty dish is called the Fire Blazing Chicken - we got this with cheese on top.  Because I like spicy food, this wasn't too spicy at all but Clara (who is sensitive to spicy food) had to chase this with cups of water!

To accompany our main dish, we got Kimchi fried rice, spicy rice cakes, egg soup, and fried chicken wings with sweet & sour sauce:

  The kimchi fried rice was yummy - just enough spices with a good rice to kimchi ratio.  The crushed seaweed paper sprinkled on top should be mixed around so that it's evenly distributed before you eat!

The Egg Soup is delicious and awesome as a side dish to the fire chicken dish.  It's soft and tasty!  It's also only $4.99 so I definitely recommend getting this with any dish you order.

The fried chicken with sweet & sour sauce was probably our favorite dish from the visit.  The skin was perfectly crispy and the inside was moist.  I kept wanting more and more of this!

The spicy rice cakes were ok - nothing special.  I felt that the rice cakes itself were not cooking enough and I prefer the to be chewy and soft.  There were some fish cakes on it as well but not enough on the dish as when it came out, it looked like they ate some before they brought it out to us.

All in all, The Home of Hot Taste provides you some spicy satisfaction and more at a good rage of price.  They also get busy on weekends at night as many people go there for soju and makguli (Korean Drinks). 

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