Friday, February 08, 2013

Winterlicious 2013 at Canoe - it's not everyday we indulge in culinary creations

Canoe is considered one of Toronto's top restaurants and under the Oliver & Bonacini brand. Getting a reservation there was on a whole level and my friend had to call 250 times before we finally got a reservation! 

View of the city on the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower (photo credit goes to Bryan Swift)

Our reservation was on a Monday at 5:30pm - so when we got there, it was pretty quiet since a lot of people were still at work.  Just a quick tip is that Canoe offers complimentary parking for the TD Bank Tower. We almost ended up parking somewhere further AND paying much more so it's best to park in their building to save your money for more good food! 

Their winterlicious meals consists of an appetizer, entree and dessert for $45, not including gratuities and taxes. This is a fair price considering their entrees on a normal night would be $45 alone! To start, I chose the Sheep's milk quark with crispy carrot, winter greens and crostini. The quark was light and flavourful and when paired with the greens, it was basically a very delicate salad. It was a great way to start the meal off!

For my main, I decided to go with the Olive oil poached heritage Salmon with celery, preserved fennel, chive couscous and Hewitt's buttermilk.  Even though the portion was a bit smaller than average, by the time you're finished you will feel very satisfied. The salmon was poached perfectly and it basically melted in your mouth. The chive couscous was a good addition to the salmon. 

Three of friends ended up going with the Duo of Ontario beef with green beans, creamy Alliston spuds and bone marrow jus. This choice is definitely good for someone that wants to try a variety of beef as it included a brisket. The beef was soft and supple and retained enough of the juice. The potatoes were blended well and had great flavour. 

My pick for dessert was the maple and gingerbread and it was the perfect way to end the meal. It looked like a brownie when it was presented but the texture was more like a cake and it was warm and soft. 

Overall, I had a great dining experience at Canoe.  I would definitely recommend trying it out during one of the dining events in Toronto because it can add up to be pretty costly.

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