Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pot Luck with our friends - Korean BBQ, chobap, deviled eggs & more

Every once in a while, we like to have a pot luck so we can showcase our culinary skills or lack thereof. This time we decided to go with a semi Korean theme. 

Monica made Fried Tofu Chobaps (유부 초밥).  It's basically a fried tofu pocket that you fill with rice. It looks easy to make but it is actually pretty complicated because you need to steam the tofu and also flavour the rice with sauce and any vegetables of your choosing.

The chobap is great as a light snack or appetizer before a meal!

Not going with the Korean theme because I don't know how to cook Korean food, I decided to make deviled eggs, its a an easy dish to make and a good spin on eating just a normal hard boiled egg. The type I tried this time was bacon cheddar deviled egg and it was definitely easy to pull off! All you have to do is mix the yolk with some mayonnaise, bacon bits and cheddar and you're good to go! 

 Last but not least, for anyone who has been to a Korean barbecue restaurant, this set up will probably look pretty familiar. This is probably a staple in most Koreans homes and I can definitely see why! You can use a portable stove under it to cook right at the table and it even has a little funnel drain at the end that collects all the oil and fat as the meat is cooking.

The meat that we ate for the pot luck was samgyupsal (삼겹살), so basically a Korean version of bacon, commonly known as pork belly although it is sliced much thicker and you don't need any marinating. The meat gets the flavour from any of the side dish sauces that usually accompany the meat.

After you cook the pork for awhile, you cut it up into little pieces and you can either eat it with rice or wrapped in vegetable leafs such as a lettuce or sesame leaf. You can add an assortment of sauces to the wrap or even some kimchi to spice it up a bit!

Having a potluck is an awesome way to catch up with friends in your own home where it's nice and quiet. You can always try a different variety of food with a pot luck and it's a great way to make cooking fun! Remember not to make TOO much food as there is usually always left over with a potluck!


  1. Hey I'm planning on doingrean bbq night at my house. I was just wondering if it gets really smoky from the grilling?

  2. If you're planning to have a grill indoors, definitely leave the windows open. It's easier to either grill on the balcony or near a window/balcony!