Sunday, February 10, 2013

Miga - a Mississauga restaurant offering authentic Korean food

There's nothing like going out to a restaurant on a Friday night after 30 cm of snow has just fallen. You can pretty much guarantee that restaurants won't be busy (unusual for a Friday night) and the waiters/waitresses will be extra attentive and just happy that you trekked out in the snow to eat out.

Korean is pretty much the go-to-cuisine when my family is trying to decide what to eat and since Miga Korean and Japanese BBQ is only 5 minutes away, we decided to go there. Miga offers single dishes and also Korean BBQ but that usually requires a minimum of two orders.

It's pretty fancy for a Korean restaurant and is one of the only ones around in my area. Like I said, it was pretty deserted except for maybe one or two tables.

I decided to order the dolsot bulgogi bibimbap 돌솥불고기비빔밥, which is basically rice with bulgogi in a stone pot. The stone pot is a nice way to eat it because the rice burns a little cooking in it so it becomes more crispy. You just mix the rice with the beef and eat it together. It doesn't have as much sauce as bulgogi normally does but it didn't taste dry when it was mixed with the rice. Don't underestimate the size of the bowl because it definitely fills you up!

Another thing we ordered was the soybean paste stew 된장찌개. Alot of the Korean stews look the same because they have a lot of the same base but this stew is made with the soy bean and has pork, tofu and zucchini. It was quite flavourful and tasted very similar to what I had in Korea. Stews are always a good choice when it's cold outside!

Another dish we ordered was Galbi Jim 갈비 찜, which are braised short ribs. It's not as well known as typical Korean dishes like galbi, bibimbap but it should definitely be added to the list! It's usually braised with sweet soy sauce so it has a sweet flavour to it. Miga did a really great job of braising it and the meet was tender and came right off the bone. A small critique would be that the sauce was really sweet, maybe a little too sweet so for those who would prefer something a bit more toned down you can always mix it with the rice.

Last but not least, we ordered the dolsot bibimbap 돌솥비빔밥. It's similiar to the bulgogi bibimbap but this is the traditional version which has shredded veggies. Depending on where you order it, it may or not may include meat. Bibimbap is a good choice for people who are indecisive. It's a healthy option since it's mainly vegetables and rice. The great thing about it is that you add the spiciness that you like. The sauce that you add is called gojuchang 고추장 and it's basically a hot pepper sauce. A little bit is usually enough especially for those trying it for the first time!

Like I said, there aren't many Korean places around the Dundas and Erin Mills area but Miga is definitely worth trying out. I have read past reviews where they mentioned bad service but when we went, the service was quite good but again that could be a result of the crazy snowstorm we had. A good suggestion might be to go when it's not too busy such as a weekday!

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