Monday, February 04, 2013

January 2013 Recap

Wow! Can't believe 2012 went by so fast! I guess we survived the end of the world....which is more reason to celebrate and eat to our heart's content. I thought December was a month of indulging, looking through our photos, it looks like January definitely took the win!

Lunch at Lime, a Thai Asian fusion restaurant near Yonge and Eglinton. Perfect for a quick lunch on your break! 

Spicy Korean rice cake 떡볶이 at Taste of Korea 

Another favourite at Taste of Korea: Squid stir fry with rice 오징어 볶음

Homemade bacon and cheddar cheese muffin (can't say no to bacon!)

Vegetable stir fry for a healthy alternative! 

Pot lucks are always fun...but when they're at work, they're even better :)

Donkatsu 돈까스 at Gabby's pub in North York

Miso soup base ramen at Kinton Ramen...Be a Kinton bowler! 

Homemade frozen fruits dessert with a handy Yonanas machine! 

Parmesan zuchinni crips, another fun way to get your daily intake of veggies! 

If January is any indication of the amount of food we'll be eating for 2013, we can't wait!!!! 

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