Thursday, January 31, 2013

December 2012 Recap

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed their time off from work, stress and indulged in the holidays! It's definitely been a busy two months with changes so the blog has suffered a little bit but we're looking forward to the new year with lots of new foods to try!

With Christmas, there's ALWAYS abundant amounts of food so we're gonna do a quick December recap of the goodies we've had either out or homemade!

Homemade Salmon crepes with cream cheese and dill for the annual Christmas party! 

Chicken and broccoli penne with a homemade cream sauce! Of course, a little glass of wine never hurt anyone either =)

Christmas cottage get away with some bacon wrapped scallops and breaded shrimp! 

Our go-to restaurant on a chilly night! Pork soontofu at Chodang!

Breakfast at Tutti Frutti with my mom before a little chaotic boxing day shopping! It's definitely big enough for two people to share!!

Asian-style lobster for New Years Eve Dinner! Finger licking good :)

Nothing beats homemade Korean food!!!

As you can see, our bellies were definitely satisfied throughout the Christmas holidays! Stay tuned for the January recap for more goodies! 

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