Monday, December 03, 2012

Stoney's Bread Company - you gotta eat here!

My friend has been telling me about Stoney's Bread Companywhich was featured on Canada's You Gotta Eat Here! We finally decided to go this past weekend and it's definitely worthy of being featured on a food network show!

The location is convenient, coming from Mississauga, we just got on the QEW towards Hamilton and exited on Kerr and kept going straight! It's hard to miss since it's on the corner and the sign for it is pretty big.

Once inside, I was a little surprised since I thought it was a restaurant but it's more a hybrid of fast food and a sit down.

When you first go in, you can grab a menu and head to the main counter area where you place your order. You can either look at the menus above your head or grab our own copy on the counter. After you've ordered, you'll get a number and then you head to the sit down area of the restaurant where someone will help you get a table if it's easy. I definitely prefer this kind of hybrid since it's more efficient and doesn't waste any time or space. We were there on a Saturday afternoon and it was pretty busy as it was lunch time!

They also have a special "Sunday Brunch" menu which is only available on Sunday which is definitely worth trying out =)

After you sit down, the servers will bring the food to your table. I ordered the house smoked salmon sandwich with a side Caesar salad. The sandwich was amazing, the proportions are generous and with the salad, it was definitely enough and you can probably pack some home! The bread was fresh and soft and so was the salmon! It also had incredible flavour.

My friend ordered the daily sandwich special which had grilled chicken, bacon, avocado sauce etc. Just looking at her sandwich made me want to eat more!

Our other friend, Suparna ordered the butternut squash and pear soup and even though it looks small, she said it was filling! Another bonus is that all their drinks are in the classic bottles which really gives it a diner feel!

The price was average and if you're ordering a sandwich, salad and drink you can expect to pay around $20! Definitely worth the money though!

If you're looking for a new place to try out this weekend, head over to Stoney's. It certainly helps that Oakville is such a cute city and you can spend the rest of the afternoon walking along the streets and shopping in the little boutiques along the street!

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  1. The special sandwich whit grilled chicken looks great and the avocado must give it a great taste.
    Thanks for sharing