Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tasty Tours Part 1: Ding Dong Bakery, Pancho's Bakery, Blue Banana Market in Kensington Market

This past weekend, we booked a Kensington Market Sweets Tour with Tasty Tours, which is basically a walking tour of a district in downtown where you try different shops and learn about the foods. We booked the Kensington Market tour which takes you to 5 different shops. This is part 1 of the two part post because there were so many places!

Getting ready to go!

So basically for each tour, its a group of people and one tour guide. We had 8 people together this time. Our first stop was Ding Dong Bakery on Spadina.

We tried the egg tarts there for the start of the tour - they were good but it would have tasted much better if it was hot out of the oven. The prices at this bakery is hard to beat: you can get 6 buns for 3 dollars when usually they are around $0.75 a piece! This bakery is all family owned so you can be sure they put 100% into their baking! 

Egg tarts in Ding Dong Bakery!

Ding Dong Pastries on Urbanspoon
Ding Dong Pastries on Foodio54

Second stop was Pancho's Bakery, a little Mexican bakery known for their breads and churros with filling! This particular bakery is very unique because in this one shop you can find 4 different "restaurants" that sell different things. You can get Jamaican cuisine, Mexican and even tornado potato chips! 

Pancho's is right at the entrance and all their churros are fresh! You can choose from caramel, strawberry or chocolate filling! 

Pancho's Bakery 

Yummy Churros!

Pancho's Bakery on Urbanspoon
Poncho's Bakery on Foodio54

Third stop was Blue Banana. Not exactly a restaurant or bakery but it's a very neat concept that is not common in Toronto. It's basically a shop where different vendors can put their products and blue banana will handle all the transactions! You'll find many unrelated things in the shop and it all makes for a very interesting shopping experience. It's definitely worth visiting especially around Christmas shopping season!

Here is a marshmallow vendor from Vancouver in Blue Banana. There are different flavours and it definitely tastes better than normal store bought marshmallows! 

Stay tuned for part 2 of Tasty Tours! 

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