Friday, November 02, 2012

Piggy's Restaurant / 돼지야돼지야 - best Korean bbq in Toronto/Thornhill

For our dinner tonight, we decided on a Piggy's Restaurant, a Korean BBQ place in Thornhill (Uptown Toronto), just North of Yonge St. and Steeles Ave.  This place is a pretty well known and popular restaurant in the Korean community for their 'aged kimchi & five-layer pork belly bbq' (such a mouthful).

Many people may be familiar with korean bbq for pork strips called sam-gyup-sal, which translates to three-layer pork belly.  However, the five-layer is a step up - we had to try it!

It was quite busy at the time we got there - we sat in a booth, where they set up a slanted grill for the bbq.  Since there were 3 of us, we ordered 3 portions of the aged kimchi & five-layer pork belly bbq (오겹살 oh-gyup-sal). They placed the meat, kimchi, onions and a potato on the grill.

With this order, they give you plenty of side dishes - when you run out, you can always ask for more (our friend asked for the pancake 3 times - it was THAT delicious).  Side dishes included, white kimchi, steamed squash, raw crab, salad with sesame dressing and salad with spicy dressing.

The only thing about it being a busy night - they seemed to be understaffed.  They barely came to check up on us.  Usually they keep an eye on the meat so they can flip it & cut them for you.... but we had to do it ourselves.  Halfway into our meal, we realized we had to make separate orders for rice, which we did and it came with 2 bowls of soy bean tofu soup.  It was delicious.

Second round of the meat on the grill, the restaurant was slowing down and they actually came and cut the meat for us (yay).  Make sure you eat the meat with kimchi & onion from the grill... if you're not going out after, go for the roasted garlic as well!

Above is the soybean tofu soup that came with our order of rice.  Yummy~

ALL DONE! Overall, the food was pretty good - the pork-belly strips were tender on the inside and crispy on the outside the second time they cooked it for us.  The first time wasn't that good as we left it on for too long, so it was too well done.  If you're into Korean BBQ, definitely try this place!

Visit Piggy's Restaurant:

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  1. This would be great to spend time whit friends and enjoy trying to cook.
    The ribs looks delicious and the soybean tofu soap to.

    1. It really is - I can't wait to go again!