Thursday, November 15, 2012

For the love of baking: Green Onion Oil/Sun Dried Tomato Bread & Basil Oil/Sun Dried Tomato Loaf

I've only tried baking sweet breads so this time I thought I'd make something a little more savoury and flavourful! I love the way braided bread looks so I decided to finally try it! I cheated a little and used pizza dough as the base because kneading your own pizza dough can be a daunting task and buying pizza dough from the supermarkets is just as good!

Whene it comes to making bread, it's really up to your own creativty to decide what you want. I split the dough in two pieces so I could make different kinds. Set your oven to 325 farenheit and bake for 20-30 minutes.

 The first was a green onion oil and sun dried tomato loaf! Here are 6 easy steps to make it!
  1. Chop up some green onions and sun dried tomato.  Add some oil to the green onion
  2. Knead the dough for a minute or two and flatten it onto a chopping board.
  3. Spread the oil and sun dried tomato on the the flattened dough
  4. Put it into a ball again and knead a few more times
  5. Flatten it one more time and cut it into three strips with seperating them on one side
  6. Braid the bread and put it into the oven

The second loaf was with a basil oil wtih sun dried tomatos.
  1. Follow the same steps as above from 1-3
  2. After you've spread the oil, roll it and twist it into a spiral
  3. ......that's it!
Again, each loaf you can make can be different. You can try using different kinds of cheese, other herbs like thyme, rosemary, it's really up to your personal tastes! The breads are perfect for a quick lunch or work well with pastas for dinner! No need to go to the bakery anymore :D

Happy baking!



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