Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chodang Soon Tofu - good food is clouded by bad customer service by owner

We can never get enough of Korean food so we went to Chodang soon tofu this past Sunday. It's a little restaurant that doesn't seat many and is run by two people.  One lady serves and handles the counter while there's one person in the kitchen.

There isn't much parking as this is a very small plaza but when the other shops aren't open, there are definitely enough spots.

Their menu is simple enough to read since it's in Korean and English. They don't have a lot of variety but most people that go there eat the Soontofu (tofu stew). The portions are for one person and it's definitely enough but if you're hungry enough, you can try the boiled or toasted dumplings.

As with all Korean meals, it comes with side dishes that include fried fish, cold tofu, bean sprouts, kimchi and sometimes tofuyaki if the restaurant is not busy. 

I ordered the pork soontofu and Monica ordered the oyster soontofu. Each bowl of soontofu comes with a raw egg that you can break into the stew to make it thicker if you want. You can choose how spicy you want the stew to be. She prepares the rice into a separate bowl and then pours hot tea into the stone pot to loosen the rice. You eat the soaked rice at the end and it's good for digestion. 

The price including tax and tip is around $10 for each bowl of soontofuso it's affordable.

However, don't except the friendliest service here.  When it gets busy or you don't order a lot, she may give you the cold shoulder or make you feel unwelcomed, which is a shame as we do like their food.  She's been nice to us as we go often but I have heard a lot of customer service complaints about her attitude.  We probably won't be going back anytime soon.

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  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. i agree. terrible service here.

  3. Imagine that - not a glowing review from the queens of hype and lick arse