Monday, November 19, 2012

Toji Sushi - deliciously underrated sushi in Etobicoke

Sunday night, I was craving sushi pizza, so my sister and I went to Toji Sushi (our go-to sushi restaurant for sushi pizza) for dinner.  This quaint japanese restaurant is located in Etobicoke, pretty much a 15 minute walk from my place - more of a reason as to why it's one of my favorites!

 It's not a tiny restaurant, but it's not big either.  The interior is decorated nicely with sleek furniture, ambiant lighting and nice table settings.  There's also a few customers in there, but it never gets too loud or painfully quiet.  It's a really cute place for a lunch or dinner date or a family outing.

There a quiet a lot of sushi places nearby (there's one next door that does korean/japanese cuisine) so it's hard to stand out, but this place definitely does with it's fresh fish, delicious rolls, reasonable pricing and GREAT service.

Their signature noodle soup is served first as an appetizer and it is complimentary.  It's light with seaweed pieces, thin noodles in anchovy stock (i think) - it's very good.

Then, the fresh salad and miso soup are next.  What I love about their salad is that, it's not the typical ice berg lettuce pieces but rather a spring mix with a special dressing.

Our sushi pizza came shortly after.  The deep fried rice cake was perfect - chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  There was just enough spicy salmon, avocado and tempura - the combination of the different tastes were to die for... writing this review makes me want it again!

Finally, our entree of: green dragon roll, spicy salmon roll, salmon sashimi, talapia sashimi, and tuna sashimi.  The sashimi were super fresh and the perfect size - not to thin and not to thick.

Below are photos from another visit:

If you're ever in Etobicoke and looking for some Japanese food, give this place a try - they won't disappoint!

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